Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Question marks. That is my title for this post.


Because I have absolutely no freaking idea what to write about. I started this blog a couple years ago thinking it would be something to do to keep me from going insane. Something in this world of mommy hood that I could call my own that didn't revolve around my kids or husband. Instead I ended up not being able to find anything to write about, going months and now almost a year without so much as one published post. Although I have many drafts written up of not so great things. And sometimes I had lots to write about but either worried it would bore the one reader I may or may not have or I just couldn't find the time to get the words out.

In other words, how on earth do some of these bloggers do it? How do you find something to write about multiple times a week? I've ready before that you should write about what you know and what you do and from there it will just flow.

Well, i juggle kids and housework and a husband who can't even bother to get up from the sofa to get his own drink. I mean seriously. Is it that hard to walk into the next room and pour your own drink?

I guess I could write about that lol. But I don't think it would be very interesting. And to anyone who read this, I apologize for wasting those 2 minutes that you will never get back. ;)