Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another year older…another year closer to crazy

My birthday is this week. I'll be 30-something. And close to 40-something. It's ok though. I'm okay with getting older. Older means wiser, right? So I'm getting smarter. Smarter is good. I can live with that.

But I can't live with the weird things that are happening as I'm getting older. Is it a coincidence or am I just going down hill from here? Either way though, it sucks. I think I'll make a list.

Lists are good.

Magically in the last couple of weeks I've noticed a couple of break outs on my face. This isn't normal. What the heck is going on here? Even better? My husband just loves to point out the giant zit that popped up on my face. Thanks love. That makes me feel so much better. Maybe I should start buying bandaids and using those to cover the zits up? I could blame it on the cat and say she scratched me. Yeah that could work.

Guess I better get a cat.

Another thing that sucks about getting older, my nerves. Seriously. I'm turning into one of those old English ladies from the 1800's who are threatening to faint over everything. Here's an example. Earlier today I was sweeping in the kitchen and swept the broom along the underside of the fridge. What rolls out but a very large and dark red grape with part of the stem attached to it. It was the size of a small baby mouse. And. I. Almost. Wet. Myself. Right. There. I have 3 kids. I shouldn't jumpy over food not he floor. What the heck is happening to me?

Darn kids. Darn nerves.

I found what could possibly be (although I'm not totally sure that it wasn't just a really light brown) grey hair. I guess I should be lucky that this is a new thing. I know people that have been seeing grey since their late twenties. My husband is included in that. But the salt and pepper look is great on men. Very sexy. On me? Not so much. I seriously hope that it was just a super light brown hair.

I'm tired. I'm ready for bed when the kids are in bed at 7:45pm. Gone are the days of staying up late. I'm apparently snoring by 8:30. Oh and that's another thing. Snoring. The hubs says I snore. That's not possible. I don't snore. Men snore and I am not a man. If this really does happen, then lets call it nasal conversations instead of snoring. That could work. I like to rename things that are not appropriate with non offending names. For example, I hate the word fart. It just rubs me the wrong way. I prefer to call them panty whispers. See how that works? Doesn't sound so offending anymore, does it?

Anyway. Back to my list.

I'm more laid back about certain things. When things aren't rolling out from the fridge and my kids aren't jumping out from around the corner scaring the crap out of me, I've noticed that I'm more laid back. I don't seem to care as much about what others think about something that I do or say. Wait, this is a good thing. My list is taking a turn for the positive. Hmmm.

Well, I guess all the items on my list aren't so bad after all. So I get an occasional blemish, I'm jumpy as hell and I snore. Who cares? I guess when I start to stress I'll just need to remember what my mom told me. "When you get older, you just don't give a crap anymore what others think and you stop sweating the small stuff. There is no time for it." That could work.

Yeah, life is good. And I can't wait for my birthday later this week :)

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