Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Influenster Cosmo VoxBox

Every now and then I get a really cool opportunity to try out a new product through some of the word of mouth websites that I belong to. A recent opportunity came from Influenster where I was sent a coveted and much desired Cosmo VoxBox! Influenster is a company that gives people the chance to try out super cool products and then tell people about them. You also have to fill out a few surveys on their website telling them what you think.

When my Cosmo VoxBox first arrived I couldn't wait to open it. I took some pictures and I'm not a photographer so please excuse the poor pictures. But the pictures are good enough to get the point across ;)

This was how cute my Cosm VoxBox was packaged when it arrived!

 This VoxBox was packed with all kinds of goodies! What a great impression on my first VoxBox. No wonder people are ready to give up body parts to get one these (just kidding).

 The first item in my box that I'll talk about is the Gillette Venus razor. I've used Gillette razors for as long as I can remember. One thing I did not know was that you can use ANY Venus blade on any Venus razor. Not sure when that started happening but no there is no more trying to figure out which blade I need to buy to refill my razor. I know that's something that every girl can appreciate. The packaged razor came with a Venus Embrace blade. I was also sent a refill blade that was the Venus & Olay blade. I felt they both did the job well enough. It wasn't a super close shave where I wouldn't have to shave for a few days but my legs were smooth enough and I felt that the razor glided easily across my legs. And the Venus & Olay blade was amazing. My legs felt soft and moisturized after shaving. Love that.

 The next item I pulled out was the Ghirardelli chocolate. I love Ghirardelli. I have been buying this chocolate ever since my sister introduced it to me 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. This particular flavor was Sea Salt Escape. I've always been partial to their caramel squares but this quickly became my new favorite. You get the nice quality of milk chocolate and with each bite you also taste the sea salt and the almonds. It was a mouth watering combination that I'm ashamed to say I ate in one sitting. I didn't even share with anyone in my family. They never even saw it.... My only issue with the Sea Salt Escape is that I can't find it anywhere. I've been looking and it seems that its a rather hard one to find. If anyone reading this finds this at a particular store I would love to hear about it.

 Next is Forever Red. This is a new fragrance from Bath and Body Works. I do wear a perfume that I very much love already. But I gave this a shot and I like it. I wear it sometimes when I want to wear something different. I think the scent is light but strong enough to still be able to smell. The scent actually reminds me of a body spray but lasts like a perfume. The scent is fresh and seems more like a day scent you would wear in the colder months of the year. I didn't feel it was a summery scent or a date night scent. Like I said it really reminds me (scent wise) of one of their body sprays.

 Next up is the Pilot FriXion pens. These babies are super smooth when writing and they are erasable! Check out my not so awesome picture above of the smiley face that was partially erased. I was sent a pink pen and a black pen. See below for the black pen and how well it erases.

 You say goodbye, and I say hello....

 I erased midway through the word.

And then I erased the top half of the word hello. This pen rocks :)

There you have it, my Cosmo (first ever) VoxBox compliments of Influenster. Wanna know more about Influenster? Check them out here and then sign up for a free account to become an influenster. 

*Disclaimer--I received my Cosmo VoxBox in exchange for trying out the products and telling people what I thought about the products. These words and opinions stated are mine and only mine.