Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another year older…another year closer to crazy

My birthday is this week. I'll be 30-something. And close to 40-something. It's ok though. I'm okay with getting older. Older means wiser, right? So I'm getting smarter. Smarter is good. I can live with that.

But I can't live with the weird things that are happening as I'm getting older. Is it a coincidence or am I just going down hill from here? Either way though, it sucks. I think I'll make a list.

Lists are good.

Magically in the last couple of weeks I've noticed a couple of break outs on my face. This isn't normal. What the heck is going on here? Even better? My husband just loves to point out the giant zit that popped up on my face. Thanks love. That makes me feel so much better. Maybe I should start buying bandaids and using those to cover the zits up? I could blame it on the cat and say she scratched me. Yeah that could work.

Guess I better get a cat.

Another thing that sucks about getting older, my nerves. Seriously. I'm turning into one of those old English ladies from the 1800's who are threatening to faint over everything. Here's an example. Earlier today I was sweeping in the kitchen and swept the broom along the underside of the fridge. What rolls out but a very large and dark red grape with part of the stem attached to it. It was the size of a small baby mouse. And. I. Almost. Wet. Myself. Right. There. I have 3 kids. I shouldn't jumpy over food not he floor. What the heck is happening to me?

Darn kids. Darn nerves.

I found what could possibly be (although I'm not totally sure that it wasn't just a really light brown) grey hair. I guess I should be lucky that this is a new thing. I know people that have been seeing grey since their late twenties. My husband is included in that. But the salt and pepper look is great on men. Very sexy. On me? Not so much. I seriously hope that it was just a super light brown hair.

I'm tired. I'm ready for bed when the kids are in bed at 7:45pm. Gone are the days of staying up late. I'm apparently snoring by 8:30. Oh and that's another thing. Snoring. The hubs says I snore. That's not possible. I don't snore. Men snore and I am not a man. If this really does happen, then lets call it nasal conversations instead of snoring. That could work. I like to rename things that are not appropriate with non offending names. For example, I hate the word fart. It just rubs me the wrong way. I prefer to call them panty whispers. See how that works? Doesn't sound so offending anymore, does it?

Anyway. Back to my list.

I'm more laid back about certain things. When things aren't rolling out from the fridge and my kids aren't jumping out from around the corner scaring the crap out of me, I've noticed that I'm more laid back. I don't seem to care as much about what others think about something that I do or say. Wait, this is a good thing. My list is taking a turn for the positive. Hmmm.

Well, I guess all the items on my list aren't so bad after all. So I get an occasional blemish, I'm jumpy as hell and I snore. Who cares? I guess when I start to stress I'll just need to remember what my mom told me. "When you get older, you just don't give a crap anymore what others think and you stop sweating the small stuff. There is no time for it." That could work.

Yeah, life is good. And I can't wait for my birthday later this week :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rose VoxBox from Influenster

Influenster is a super cool community that allows you to review products that you already use and let the world know what they think. And every now and then they put together a VoxBox.

A VoxBox is a super cool box with several items that Influenster sends to select active members for them to test out and review the products. Getting a email telling you that you're getting a VoxBox is like finding out you're getting a really cool present on your birthday. You can visit them on their Facebook page here (after you read my blog of course :) and see for yourself how everyone loves Influenster.

It's very exciting.

Recently I was sent a Rose VoxBox from Influenster to test, review and spread the word about. I must say I was not disappointed in any of the items that were sent. I love them all. So let's start talking about them, shall we?

 When your VoxBox arrives, it's always boxed nicely with the Influenster logo and cute design.

Opening the box is always super exciting. You have no idea what you are getting to test. As you can see from the items this is a great box! Now two items are missing from this picture. Item number one is Vitabath hydrating lotion. This item was sent to random Influensters and I wasn't one of them. The other items missing from the picture is something I did get but wasn't able to post a picture of. But I'll post one below from the company's website. It was a belVita crunchy breakfast biscuit. My kids snatched it up without me realizing it until after I already took the pictures and noticed it was missing. By then it was too late. But the good news is they loved this healthy little on the go breakfast!

In your VoxBox you get a postcard describing each item and how much each item runs. (Sorry for the blurry upper left. My camera skills need work :/ )

The first item that I reached for was the Dr. Schools for Her Cozy Cushions for boots. That's right--boots!! Hello!! As with all Dr. Scholls, you cut them to fit your shoes. And these being furry did not make it difficult at all. They cut just fine. These insoles are so soft, furry and comfortable. I tried them out immediately in my most favorite and most often worn boots and they went in just fine. But they weren't comfortable when I slipped my feet in. Way too tight. They were dressier high heeled boots with a slender foot. But I do also have some wider casual boots that while comfortable, they aren't warm and cozy and they are slightly too big somehow (I swear my feet are shrinking). I put the Dr. Scholls Cozy Cushions in those boots (3 different pairs) and they all were comfortable to wear and made my boots fit better. Score! If you're worried about your feet getting to hot and sweating (I know, I know, gross right?) you shouldn't worry. These magic furry clouds of wonderfulness help keep feet dry and absorb perspiration. Incase you are wondering, these baby's run about $12.49. 
Next up is a Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffle sample that also had a nice coupon inside. These truffles are so smooth and rich that you just don't want to share! There is a yummy candy shell on the outside and a smooth melt in your mouth filling on the inside. Delicious fine chocolate that melts in your mouth. Need I say more? These run at about $3.99 for a 5.1oz bag and come in 10 different yummy flavors.  

Here we have Graduation Polishes by Kiss. This was very interesting. It's a 3 step process to give your nails an almost ombre look. You start with a clear glittery coat that you pain the entire nail with. Then you take step two which has a darker and glittery coat and cover 2/3rds of your nail. And then for step 3 you take the last bottle which has larger glittery flakes and you paint 1/3rd of your nail. I haven't quite mastered this one yet, but when I do, I will be posting (with detailed pictures) how it's done. But it's very cool so far and even my 3 year old is asking me to paint her nails with it lol. If you want to purchase your own set then you can find these at Walgreens and they run about $6.99.

This couldn't have arrived at a better time. It was time to replace my mascara and I was delaying. I almost hate shopping for mascara. I can't stand the clumps that some brands will give you. And there is nothing more frustrating then having your mascara mess up so bad thanks to clumps and smearing (every had a clump land IN your eye?) that you have to take off your make up and start over again. UGH. I admit I was nervous when I saw my new Rimmel scadaleyes retro glam mascara. But, that of course did not stop me from trying it (I love to try new things!). I'm certainly glad I gave it a chance because I love it! Seriously! The wand is super fat which I was nervous about but it was easy to use and it gave my eye lashes a long lash look that I love. And..no clumps. Happy dance! $6.99 and should be available at your local drug store.

And last but not least is the belVita crunchy Breakfast biscuit. These are sold in 5 packs to a box and each pack has 4 biscuits in them. What you are seeing the picture is half a biscuit. They are a good size. These are tasty and crunchy and really are great for on the go. If you're not on the go and can sit at home and enjoy them, these are great with toppings as well. Add some peanut butter and top with a fruit such as banana or apple slices. Very tasty! These are packed with fiber and B-vitamins and contain no high fructose corn syrup if you're worried about that sort of stuff. But each serving has 18-20 grams of whole grain. These run about $3.69 per box and should be available at your local grocery store.

There you have it! I love all the items that came in this box and if you decide to try any of them, let me know how you liked them!

If you are interested in becoming an Influenster then you can sign up here. Influenster is a free community to join. 

*Disclaimer-I was sent these items from Influenster in exchange for my thoughts and opinions. My thoughts and opinions are just that--mine. I tested out the products and wrote what I personally felt. Thank you. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Daddy Dolls-A review

As a military family it's expected that we will be minus one very important family member on a regular basis. Whether it's deployments or training, Mr Juggler leaves quite often. The main issue with this is our kiddos. They miss their daddy. And pictures aren't very comfy to hug. Ever tried it? Nuff said.

So last month I saw on the Daddy Dolls facebook page that they were having a sale. The Marine print Daddy Dolls were on sale for $20 each for both the small and the large sizes. Hello! So I sent Mr Juggler an email asking for a full length photo and began the process of ordering 4 Daddy Dolls. One for each of my kiddos and 1 for me as well. I need hugs too ya know :)

Ordering was super easy. The front of the pillow is the picture and the back of the pillow has a print design on it. Since we needed to do a Marine themed print for the discount we only looked at those. But they do have prints for other branches and non military related prints. There are also 2 sided Daddy Dolls where there is picture on both sides of the pillow. You could do two different people or do the front and back of one person. So nifty.

 I let the kids each pick out their print of choice and I picked mine out as well. I went with a vintage looking print while the boys picked a cami print. My daughter picked the vintage print as well. Have I ever told you how fantastic taste is for a 3 year old. She is her mothers daughter. Anyway, then I uploaded the picture of Mr Juggler to the photo checking tool that I found in the faqs section. This was really neat. You upload the picture and they tell you instantly which products your picture will work with. This was handy because Mr Juggler first sent me a picture with a resolution so low that I wouldn't even have been able to put his picture on a dog tag if I wanted too.

Two of the many print options

After the picture fiasco was taken care of and a high resolution photo was sent to me, I was able to upload the photo with no problems. If you are ordering multiple dolls with the same photo, you only need to upload once instead of for each individual item. You are able to request simple touch ups for a fee. But they will remove the background items in your photo for free. So if you have a big pile of dirty laundry in the background or someone decides to photo bomb your pic, no worries, they'll just change it to a nice white background.

Now I was ordering 4 dolls with the same picture on all of them. I thought "What happens if they mix up their Daddy Dolls and fight over which one belongs to which kid?" You can add text to the front of the doll for personalization. Problem solved! Hello! I added "I love you" and then the child's name to each pillow. I know! Cute right?! I love companies that think of everything <3

No fighting over which pillow belongs to which child! 

Once the order is placed it takes about 1-3 weeks for you to get your order. If for some reason your picture won't work, they will email you and let you know before making your pillow. Easy right!

Now don't just limit these awesome little pillows to military families. Anyone can be made into a Daddy Doll. You can use pictures of mom or dads, grandparents and even kids. These are great for spouses too. Like I said, I ordered one for me and before Mr Juggler leaves again, I'll give him one with  me on it. Because he loves. And I love him. <3

Now because we ordered these dolls during a big sale it took almost the full 3 weeks to get them. But that's fine. It was well worth the wait. The quality is fantastic and the material is so super soft. These dolls are sure to last a long long time. And they are machine washable which I am thankful about.

Prices range from $23.95 to $37.95 for one sided and double sided dolls in small 12" and large 17" sizes. Want more info? Visit Daddy Dolls here to check out all the products they offer and pricing.

**Disclaimer--The above words are mine and only mine. I bought and paid for 4 Daddy Dolls and this review is of the experience and thoughts of the process and products. There was no compensation involved and I was not contacted by Daddy Dolls to do this review. I just love the product and wanted to spread the word.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Influenster Cosmo VoxBox

Every now and then I get a really cool opportunity to try out a new product through some of the word of mouth websites that I belong to. A recent opportunity came from Influenster where I was sent a coveted and much desired Cosmo VoxBox! Influenster is a company that gives people the chance to try out super cool products and then tell people about them. You also have to fill out a few surveys on their website telling them what you think.

When my Cosmo VoxBox first arrived I couldn't wait to open it. I took some pictures and I'm not a photographer so please excuse the poor pictures. But the pictures are good enough to get the point across ;)

This was how cute my Cosm VoxBox was packaged when it arrived!

 This VoxBox was packed with all kinds of goodies! What a great impression on my first VoxBox. No wonder people are ready to give up body parts to get one these (just kidding).

 The first item in my box that I'll talk about is the Gillette Venus razor. I've used Gillette razors for as long as I can remember. One thing I did not know was that you can use ANY Venus blade on any Venus razor. Not sure when that started happening but no there is no more trying to figure out which blade I need to buy to refill my razor. I know that's something that every girl can appreciate. The packaged razor came with a Venus Embrace blade. I was also sent a refill blade that was the Venus & Olay blade. I felt they both did the job well enough. It wasn't a super close shave where I wouldn't have to shave for a few days but my legs were smooth enough and I felt that the razor glided easily across my legs. And the Venus & Olay blade was amazing. My legs felt soft and moisturized after shaving. Love that.

 The next item I pulled out was the Ghirardelli chocolate. I love Ghirardelli. I have been buying this chocolate ever since my sister introduced it to me 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. This particular flavor was Sea Salt Escape. I've always been partial to their caramel squares but this quickly became my new favorite. You get the nice quality of milk chocolate and with each bite you also taste the sea salt and the almonds. It was a mouth watering combination that I'm ashamed to say I ate in one sitting. I didn't even share with anyone in my family. They never even saw it.... My only issue with the Sea Salt Escape is that I can't find it anywhere. I've been looking and it seems that its a rather hard one to find. If anyone reading this finds this at a particular store I would love to hear about it.

 Next is Forever Red. This is a new fragrance from Bath and Body Works. I do wear a perfume that I very much love already. But I gave this a shot and I like it. I wear it sometimes when I want to wear something different. I think the scent is light but strong enough to still be able to smell. The scent actually reminds me of a body spray but lasts like a perfume. The scent is fresh and seems more like a day scent you would wear in the colder months of the year. I didn't feel it was a summery scent or a date night scent. Like I said it really reminds me (scent wise) of one of their body sprays.

 Next up is the Pilot FriXion pens. These babies are super smooth when writing and they are erasable! Check out my not so awesome picture above of the smiley face that was partially erased. I was sent a pink pen and a black pen. See below for the black pen and how well it erases.

 You say goodbye, and I say hello....

 I erased midway through the word.

And then I erased the top half of the word hello. This pen rocks :)

There you have it, my Cosmo (first ever) VoxBox compliments of Influenster. Wanna know more about Influenster? Check them out here and then sign up for a free account to become an influenster. 

*Disclaimer--I received my Cosmo VoxBox in exchange for trying out the products and telling people what I thought about the products. These words and opinions stated are mine and only mine.