Thursday, November 29, 2012

You Know You Need a Break When...

I'm a stay a home mom. I get out when I can but mostly I'm home with the kids. My oldest is 9 so he's in school all day. But my younger ones are 4 and 2 years old. The four year old is in preschool in the mornings the the two year old goes to a toddler preschool two mornings a week. So needless to say my days are filled with kids and chores. I'm not complaining. I chose this and I love staying at home and raising my kids.

But there are days when you realize holy

For example. Today I was sitting on the sofa playing a game on the iPad with my 4 year old. Peppa Pig comes on the t.v. and we both stopped to watch the show. My 4 year old says "oh! I want to watch this one real quick and then we can finish our game". And I was all "cool this is my favorite one and I wanna watch it too". And I was being dead serious. Huh.

That was an instant revelation. Holy crap! I need to get out more and interact with other adults. You know, instead of sitting around watching Peppa Pig and Gaspard & Lisa. So I've decided that at least one time each week I'm going to get out of the house and be a woman. Not a mom. Not a wife. Just a woman. I hope that I can convince any of my readers (I know you're out there somewhere, right?) that they deserve this much needed alone (self discovery) time as well. We all need to get out more and recharge our batteries. Its good for the soul.

For me? I'm going to window shop, shoe shop, have tea in some cute little coffee/tea house that I haven't discovered yet, go in to all the stores I've been terrified to bring a 2 and 4 year old into, go into all the stores my husband refuses to go into (lol) and whatever else I wanna do during that special time I will call my own. Cheers!

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