Thursday, November 29, 2012

Torani Syrups...Add a Little Flavor to Your Drink!

I've never been a coffee person. Ever. When I was in high school and I worked at the local mall there was a coffee beanery right next door to me. The coffee flavors always smelled so heavenly. There was only one drink they had that I did enjoy on occasion and it was called a Cafe Carmel. Being a caramel lover maybe I would have loved it no matter what I suppose. Or maybe it was the huge dollop of Reddi Whip (also a huge fan of) that they loaded on top. Whatever it was, it was yummy and I've never found another coffee that I've been able to stand since then.

Recently SheSpeaks sent me 2 bottles of Torani's sugar free syrups to try out and review. I was sent Gingerbread and Caramel. Hold the phone people! Is it possible I could recreate that yummy cafe carmel from back in the day?! Excitement pours in and I give it a whirl. And failed. Oh well. There's always hot chocolate (which I am totally addicted to by the way).

So off I went to make up two cups of hot chocolate and pour gingerbread into one and caramel into the other. Can we say delicious? It was amazing. I'm usually not one to add much to my hot chocolate. I heat up my milk (shame on you if you use water!) and add the cocoa powder and stir. That's it. But when I added gingerbread to my hot chocolate, it was like Christmas was already here. It smelled so yummy and tasted a bit like the gingerbread spice. But in a good way. Have you ever smelled a candle that smelled so good you felt like you could drink it? No, just me? Alrighty then. It was amazing. Try this one for yourself and you'll see.

 Next I tried the one with the caramel. Oh. My. Gawd. It was fantastic! It was by far my favorite of the two. I've tried starbucks caramel hot chocolate and was never impressed with it. Maybe they need to take a tip from Torani on this one. Oddly it smelled like coffee a little bit to me but it really didn't taste like coffee. It had this creamy melted caramely (made up word) flavor to it with chocolate added in. Imagine a chocolate covered caramel candy. Yup. It was yummy.

Here's what I did-
-I warmed up 1 cup of milk for each mug.
-Added one hot chocolate packet to each mug
-add 3/4 shot of gingerbread to one mug and 3/4 shot of caramel to the other mug
-stir to mix then top with a little Reddi Whip if you like

I love that Torani has made sugar free syrups now. I'm not diabetic but I know others who are and this would be great for them to use to add a little flavor to their drinks. While I only tried Gingerbread and Caramel Torani has dozens of flavors to choose from and more flavors coming out all the time. As a matter of fact they just came out with chicken n waffles for those a little more daring. Sounds strange right? Torani isn't just for drinks. Its also for adding flavor to foods! Talk about versatile! Try adding the caramel as an ice cream topping or the gingerbread in an actual gingerbread recipe. And if the chicken n waffles has you curious, then give it try on some buttered biscuits! Enjoy!

Torani Syrups are available in my local military commissary. Try your local grocery or Walmart. And if you can find them in your town you can always buy them straight from the website.

This blog post was sponsored by SheSpeaks and Torani. As part of the Torani blogger program through SheSpeaks I was given 2 full size bottles of Torani's sugar free syrup along coupons and a recipe booklet. The sugar free flavors I was given are Caramel and Gingerbread. While the product above was given to me to review, the words and opinions are mine and mine alone. If I like a product, I let you know. If I hate it, I let you know that as well.

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