Friday, November 2, 2012

Crazy Mountain Ranch

So last spring I come home from running errands and I'm on my cell yapping away to my sis. I walk over and check my email and start freaking out. The man won a trip for two to the Crazy Mountain Ranch owned by Marlboro. You know, the cigarette company? He's been a smoker since he was a teenager. I'm not a smoker. Guess its true what they say about opposites attract.

Right away I tell my sis about the trip and ask her if she'll come and watch the kids if I buy her plane ticket and she says yes. I call the man and freak out on him and tell him all about it. He tells me its just a  spam email and to delete it. WHAT?!? How could he have not heard about the greatness of this ranch and all its glory and wonder? I'm not a smoker and I know all about it. Most smokers know about this ranch and pray for their email invite that they won a lottery drawing inviting them and a guest for 3 nights of total fun and pampering and activities that most people would never otherwise have the chance to participate in. I made him call the number in the email right away and confirm that we wanted to go and they gave us early June dates for our trip. Well that worked out because the movers were coming to pack up our house for our big cross country move on June 12th. Talk about cutting it close.

Fast forward to day one of the trip. Can we say awesome! I'm not going to spoil it for others who may have the opportunity in the future to take this trip by spilling the details on the goodies they give you but I will say this, make sure you have lots of extra room in your luggage or bring a second bag. You WILL need it. When we landed in Montana we were the last of 2 couples to arrive. There was a car service waiting for us with a tasty dinner inside for us to eat on the hour drive from the airport to the ranch. When we arrived at the ranch we were greeted by the staff and escorted to our rooms. The entire ranch was recreated to look like the old west. How cute!

 Almost every little building was a hotel room and each room had a different theme and was different in every way possible. The bedrooms were all different and different sizes. Same with the bathrooms. We were in the pheasant room which was in the building that everyone seemed to love because there were dead stuffed animals everywhere including a large bear that greeted you when you walked in. 

 Above is a picture of the bathroom. So cute! It was so old school and I loved the claw foot tub!

Next (above) is a picture of part of the bedroom. The other pictures I have show some items that I don't want to show you. Nothing gross or weird. I just don't want to ruin any surprises :) Notice the stuffed pheasant above the lamp? Yeah. They also had these birds above the bed, one of each side. It was interesting to wake up during the night and look up and see that. lol

This is a picture of the earlier mentioned bear. He's there to greet you when you walk into the building. 

Here we have a picture of the Livery where the night life happens. Live music and a DJ. Lots of dancing, drinking and just plain fun. They even had poker tournaments going on. The building to the right is where we ate some of the best food ever. I mean insane amounts of food all made fresh. I tried to eat light at breakfast so I could pig out at lunch and dinner (both of which had dessert afterwards that was amaze balls). 

Some of the entertainment inside the Livery. He did a lot of old school 80's music (heck yeah!)

On to the adventure! There were so many choices. You pick before you arrive and they try their best to give you what you pick. You can always change when you get there and do something else. You would be amazed at how many people would get trashed and then not show up to their activities because of being hung over. Such a shame. By the way, if you get completely trashed and make a fool of yourself they will send you home on the next flight home. Please be responsible and take advantage of this awesome trip by drinking responsibly. Anywho! During the summer trips you can choose from horseback riding, cattle driving, archery, zip line, off roading, shooting, fly fishing and I'm sure there's more but I'm sure there's more but I can't remember. One of our adventures was horseback riding which was awesome! The horse in front of me was pretty gassy though which smelled horrible and was insane but other than that it was great and I would have done it over and over and over again if I could have. He was such a sweet horse other than the fact that he really didn't want to take me on this scenic ride. Seriously, he really didn't. As soon as we tried to leave the corral he turned back around and walked back in. Three times. Finally, one of the ranchers grabbed my horse by the reins and walked me to the road where the rest of the group was patiently waiting. How embarrassing. And a few times he sorta kinda decided to start trotting which scared the holy hell out of me. I thought I was going to die. And when he wasn't doing that he was biting the butt of the horse in front of us. But in all fairness, that horse, as I mentioned before, would not stop farting. Other than that he was super sweet and it was a blast. :)

The man and I on our final night in the Livery. We were hanging with out new found friends that I still talk to and only live 3 hours away from our new house in North Carolina. It was such a fantastic trip and I'm so glad that we were able to go. All we did was sign up on their website for coupons and Marlboro randomly selects people to invite to their ranch. The ranchers told us that majority of the people who get invites don't respond because they think its spam (much like my husband). So if you come home and find a rock the ranch email from Marlboro inviting you to their ranch for their summer or winter trips, its real and call the number right away! Its an all expense pair trip. You pay for nothing, not even your luggage. And it was the most fun the man and I have ever had without the kids in a long, long time. :) 

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