Thursday, November 8, 2012

A lesson from my kids

Last night I was in the kitchen thinking about what time I should start on dinner. Actually, I was procrastinating. Most days I love to cook but we were making Thing 2's favorite dinner. He had been begging for several days to have hot dogs. Ugh.

Anyway, Thing 2 came into the kitchen to show me something he recently accomplished. (A much welcomed distraction!) He learned from his friends today in preschool how to hop on one foot without holding onto anything for balance. A major accomplishment in the eyes of a 4 year old :)  With that new found discovery I told him he should finally be able to skip now, something he's been trying to master for a few months to no avail. We did it in slow mo together and then he tried. After a few times he wasn't too bad at it! After that Thing 3 came into the kitchen to see what the laughter was all about. The next thing I know we're skipping all over the house. I felt like a kid again.

I forgot how much I loved skipping.

 I watched Thing 2 skip around and Thing 3 try with all her 2 year old might to skip and jump after him. They were carefree and full of laughter. While I was teaching Thing 2 to skip, he was teaching me to be carefree again. I've been so overwhelmed lately with so many activities going on and events coming up that I was beginning to get pretty tense. Skipping was just the thing I needed. We spend so much of our time teaching kids this and that and we forget that they can teach us too. This is a prime example.

Holidays are such a hectic time. As the big day in December draws closer we are bombarded with activities and events on top of our normal daily routine. To keep from getting overwhelmed let's all take five or ten minutes a day to just step back and breath and relax. You don't realize just how much you need it until you actually take it. I have a feeling that this year when I get stressed or overwhelmed, I'll just skip right through it. :)

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