Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite two holiday's (the other being Christmas) for decorating up the house. Its so fun to decorate the inside and the outside. Buying pumpkins and carving them! This month has been weird though. Honestly the man and I haven't really been into Halloween this year (gasp!). I think its just exhaustion. He's exhausted from constant work trips around the county and super long work hours. And I'm exhausted from allergies and colds while the kids and I try and adjust to the new climate of the east coast. Blah.

For decorations we usually go all out. This year I procrastinated with the outdoor decorations. I only bought 1 pumpkin and its still in tact on the dinning room table. I put some indoor decorations up but left the outdoor ones for the man who was on the west coast until the middle of the month. He put them up when he got home only to have to take them down 1 week later courtesy of that saucy little mint named Sandy who came in with her wind and rain and flooding.

The kids are excited for tonight though. Colin, who is 4, is going to be a pirate...for the third year in a row. Hunter is 9 and he's going as the scary scream guy complete with blood mask. And Sloan who is 2 chose to be a fairy princess. The man and I are even dressing up! We have all these awesome cowboy items from our trip to the ranch this past summer so I'll be a cowgirl and he's going to be a cowboy. It should be interesting.

Of course safety is important so please remember these rules:

-wear reflective clothing or bright colors
-bring a flash light or glow sticks-
-stick to groups
-take your kids trick or treating in neighborhoods you know
-watch out for crazy drivers. Just b/c its a neighborhood on Halloween doesn't mean there won't be crazy drivers out there not paying attention to the kids.
-candy check at the end of the night! Make sure that candy is safe.
-remember to have fun and if your kids get too much candy you can always donate the extras to the troops!

So what are your kids going to be for Halloween? And are you dressing up?

Happy Halloween!!

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