Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You wanna sell my what?!

So last night I'm about to leave to head off to go fry my skin at the tanning salon and my husband drops another crazy idea on me. He's all "hey lets sell your car!" And I'm all "what?! Let's sell your truck!" He ignored that one and just kept rambling on about how we should sell my car and that he already has a buyer lined up. huh, good to know.

I am a stay at home parent but I do drive quite a bit. I drive my son to and from school 5 days a week since his school doesn't have a bus system. I also have a 1 and 3 year old to entertain and errands to run. I know many other households do the whole one car thing but I have to be honest here and ask how the heck do you manage? 

So back to my husband. He's all "I want to help out a guy at work. He's got bad credit and can only get XX amount for a car loan." So I'm like "well I'm glad you're trying to save the world one person at a time but I like my car and I don't want to get rid of it." So then he tries to guilt trip me by telling me about all the money we would save if we only had one car. Then I was all "Huh, and all this time I thought we could save money by you no longer smoking". He didn't like that either. In the end, the car stays and wife wins ;) Go me!

So tell me, are you a one car or two car family? If you only have one car then what do you do to make it work?


  1. We are now a one car family, Daniel totaled mine while we lived in Memphis, and we never replaced it. At the time, I wasn't working and really had no where to go... but now that we are in California I am in school again, and so is Daniel.. We were literally just tonight trying to figure out next semesters school schedules for the both of us so we can continue to have one car. I hate it! honestly it is good on gas money, and with it being so pricey it helps our pocket book! Lord knows we need this, since neither of us work and we are living on the GI bill. I would say it is kind or worth it, but you guys will have to be patient.!! My suggestion would be since you guys are on base take Mike to the hanger and keep the car for you and the kids.. Good luck making the decision! P.S. You inspired me, I may start a crafty type blog! hehe!

  2. You have more patience than I do! My payment is so low and that is what is holding me back. I know that when I get another car the payment will be close to double what it is now and that freaks me out. lol
    And you should absolutely start a crafty blog! You make such cute things. Meanwhile I'm still trying to figure out my sewing machine. :(

  3. That makes sense!!! I don't blame you! I hate car payments! Grrr!!
    I'm starting one! Lol! It's called blissfully chaotic mama! I haven't published it yet, because I'm still trying to get the kinks out and figure out the whole blog world! I'll help you with any questions you have! I want to make a super easy to understand tutorial section... Cuz I'm still learning and making mistakes as i go! :)