Monday, October 31, 2011

Weight Loss 101: The Sabatage

I posted a week and a half ago about getting back into shape and wanting to lose the rest of this baby weight. (Can you still call it baby weight if your oldest is 8?) Its update time and this topic will be about "the sabatage".

Everyone has one. It could be your spouse or significant other, your siblings, a friend, your parents or even your kids. They may not realize they are even doing it either. But they are. They constantly want to eat unhealthy things and bring you or beg for large quantities of candy, junk food, or fast food. I call it the sabatage.

My husband, who I know means well, fits this mold. He would have us eating out at fast food places for every meal, every day. I love fast food as well but I want to lose weight more. He's also a late night snacker. Its been really hard trying to lose this weight while living with someone who isn't on the same page. But at the same time it sort of helps because I'm learning to avoid certain temptations and to be stronger. Here are two things I've been doing:

1. Everything tastes better when you dip it. When my husband starts his late night snacking I slice up some fruit and dip away. I mix it up on the dip. If I've got a sweet tooth then I dip them in a small amount of caramel. If I just want to dip then I use fat free cottage cheese or peanut butter.
2. I bought a juicer. Now when my husband wants to eat fast food its not such a big deal anymore. I make a veggie drink and drink that up before I eat any of my dinner. This way I'm getting my veggie servings in with fresh vegetables and I'm not eating as much of the fast food. I usually end up eating half my sandwich and a small fry. So I still get to eat the fast food but I'm not going overboard by eating a 2000 calorie meal.

What kind of sabatage are you dealing with? How do you overcome it?

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