Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lawry's Seasoning Salts and Seasoning Mixes

So here's the thing. BzzAgent is this rockin word of mouth marketing company. Companies who need to get the word out about their product(s) hire BzzAgent to spread the word like a bunch of busy bee's. They get together at their "beehive" and find BzzAgents who fit the right demographics (age, gender, kids, single, location, blah, blah, blah, you get the picture) that said company is looking for and ask them to spread the word by giving them a sample of the product to test out and usually some rockin coupons to pass out to people. Then the selected BzzAgents have to report back to the hive and dish out the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am a proud BzzAgent and have been since 2006 thankyouverymuch!

BzzAgent has recently (and I mean as of last week) started this thing called The Daily Bzz. Its where each day they offer a new campaign and give you the chance to prove yourself worthy of it by posting why. Pictures, videos, blogs, whatever. Just post why you want in and link that up to twitter adding the hashtag #imabzzagent. Oh wait you don't have a BzzAgent account you say? Well what in the world is wrong with you!! Sign up right here and you can get your busy bee on!

Below you will find my shameless begging to get into the Lawry's campaign. Cross your fingers for me ya'll!

Soooo, a typical whattomakefordinner conversation in my house goes a little something like this~~

Mike (my husband): What's for dinner?
Me: I was thinking chicken
Mike: silence
Me: what's wrong?
Mike: yeah i was thinking carl's jr.
Me: forget it we're having chicken
Mike: kids mom wants to make chicken for dinner
kids: what?! we're having chicken nuggets and fries!! oh oh! can we get it from McDonalds?!

Apparently my chicken isn't that great. Can you tell? So i would say this is why I need something to help it along. Maybe that something could be Lawry's Seasoning Salts and Seasoning Mixes? (Hint Hint Jono). Its supposed to add some flavor to your chicken to make your taste buds dance around, jump for joy, and sing the hokey pokey. Ok, maybe not sing the hokey pokey but its supposed to be pretty darn tasty. I've tried their dry seasonings before and I do believe if taste buds could talk they would say thank you. But I've never tried their marinades. I would guess they would be just as yummy! Well hopefully I will very soon be lucky enough to find out. Oh! And if I'm lucky enough to get chosen, I promise to report here and let you know just how tasty my chicken was :)

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