Friday, September 23, 2011


I try to come up with ways to help my 8 year old son Hunter with spelling and reading to make it more fun for him since it's something he struggles with. Scrabble is one game that we play but with all the points and rules it can be hard for him. Plus it will take him forever at times to take his turn and then he gets bored with the game a little too fast.

Bananagrams is a game that I forgot about but thanks to BzzAgent (see who BzzAgent is below) I was quickly reminded. Bananagrams is perfect for anyone and that's including beginner spellers. How cool is that! Its a crossword style game that requires only the tiles. There is no score keeping, its just good old fashioned fun. Each person picks their alloted number of tiles from a face down selection on the table. Then someone says "split" and everyone flips over their tiles and starts to make words crossword style. The first person the use all their tiles yells "peel" and then all the players take another tile. If you are the first person to run out of tiles and there are no more tiles to take then you yell out "bananas" and you win! How fun!

The tiles are kept in a cute banana shaped bag that makes it easy to carry around making this an awesome travel game. We go on a lot of camping trips so I'm always looking for fun travel games that the whole family will enjoy and this is definitely a great travel game! I'm thinking this would also make a great addition to our family game nights. Even if I don't get picked for this Bzz Campaign I think this is one game I will have to buy very soon. ~~BzzAgent huntersmommy

So here's the thing. BzzAgent is this rockin word of mouth marketing company. Companies who need to get the word out about their product(s) hire BzzAgent to spread the word like a bunch of busy bee's. They get together at their "beehive" and find BzzAgents who fit the right demographics (age, gender, kids, single, location, you get the picture) that said company is looking for and ask them to spread the word by giving them a sample of the product to test out and usually some rockin coupons to pass out to people. Then the selected BzzAgents have to report back to the hive and dish out the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am a proud BzzAgent (BzzAgent name huntersmommy) and have been since 2006 thankyouverymuch!

BzzAgent has recently started this thing called The Daily Bzz. Its where each day they offer a new campaign and give you the chance to prove yourself worthy of it by posting why you want in. Pictures, videos, blogs, whatever. Just post why you want in and link that up to twitter adding the hashtag #imabzzagent. Oh wait you don't have a BzzAgent account you say? Well what in the world is wrong with you!! Sign up right here and you can get your busy bee on!

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